The EURUSD pair has continued to rise in the long and medium term since the beginning of
this year 2017 and did not see this rapid rise A strong decline and
currency technical analysis today and a technical analysis of the Euro,
Gold Pattern find that the pair reached a resistance level in the long term
And the large bottom formed by the Euro in 2012 and after breaking
this bottom is now a resistance level either the rise of the euro
Where it is known that support levels reflect their roles after penetration
and become resistance levels
Forex trading Analysis and the technical analysis of the EURUSD
today from Gold Patten indicates another resistance level near 1.2070
This level of resistance has succeeded in stopping the EUR / USD rally and
EURUSD has formed the reversal shooting star pattern on the daily fram
During last week's trading
Forex Technical Analysis and EURUSD Analysis

It is preferable to sell the Eur usd as long as the pair is stable below the 1.2070 resistance level