, 08 February 2018 13:11

buy @ 1310
tp1@ 1324
tp2@ 1334
sl @ 1303

1.62 %



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Published: Thursday, 08 February 2018 13:18
Gold Technical Analysis today indicates gold buying opportunities for this Gold Pattern the best
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buy @ 1310
tp1 @ 1324
tp2 @ 1334
sl @ 1303
Gold analysis and gold price expectations today and the reason for the gold signals to buy gold free
The price of gold formed three important patterns
The first pattern is the measured move pattern from 1366 which is equal to the last wave with the first wave And ending at 1307
The second model is another measured move pattern from 1350 and the last wave in this pattern
About 1.62% of the Fibonacci ratio of first wave , which ends near the current level
The third model formed by gold today is the bullish divergence pattern on the RSI on the hourly frame
All these models give a gold buy signal on the international gold market
In addition to a medium term support level near the 1307 level
As well as the emergence of reversal candle pattern known as hammer

Gold Technical Summary Gold is preferred to buy on the international market as long as gold is above the 1300 level